Thanksgiving some are better than others

November 27, 2015
Now I am not one to label days good or bad. I have an aversion to that because most days consist of both good and bad events and it seems unproductive to label an entire 24 hour period one way based on one or even a series of events. That said, yesterday was Thanksgiving. I am also not one to give into the holiday blues although I do now understand them better just by virtue of having lived long enough to have more memories that I cannot repeat because parents are now gone.
But…., yesterday, I had braced myself for what could have been a kind of mundane Thanksgiving. Maybe Sky, maybe Sarah, maybe neither! Maybe alone, …I told myself that was o.k., it did not mean that I did not have family or friends.
But……first thing, I dropped something on the floor, broke my watchband trying to fix it and thought to myself that it was not a good way to start out the day. Then I ran intervals, my most difficult, disliked and therefore not repeated as often as I should workout. It went very well. Hmm…the day was getting better and better. Then I cooked, everything seemed to come out as planned and went to yoga. Yoga was very nice. It was a Hatha class taught by Rissa and she had us do an exercise before class that involved getting to know your fellow students that made it more fun.
After that, Sky told me a friend had just pulled up. Then Sarah showed up and just had to eat because everything looked so good. (self compliment here)
I talked to my sister and texted Rachel several times and got numerous texts from friends and relatives. It was such a great Thanksgiving.
By the way, during Rissa’s exercise one of our tasks was to tell a student near us, one thing about that person that you liked. My fellow student said I had a very nice and friendly way about me. Good way to start the day, I think. (another sort of self compliment here)

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6 Responses to Thanksgiving some are better than others

  1. Sheila McNaughton says:

    HI, I understand how we label days and can make them good or bad depending on our mindset. Good reminder for all of us. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving.

  2. Patricia Hecker says:

    You deserve the compliments you get. You are a beautiful person, inside and out!
    I am thankful for you!

  3. Corinne Danielson says:

    Loved your Thanksgiving Story!

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