The Lousy Housekeeper

The Lousy Housekeeper
Someone who has been in my house exactly one time, (I was not even planning on having guests. Do I already sound defensive?) told a friend of mine that I am a lousy housekeeper. This morning I pondered that statement as I cleaned my house for the umpteenth time. At first I denied what had been said, “it cannot be true,” I thought, “that person is just not used to an old house and so many pets,” I told myself. But, uh oh, a good housekeeper would never choose this old house nor have so many pets. Then I rationalize, if it IS true, I bet I have more time to have fun. Then I realize, she has plenty of fun.
O.K., maybe she is right, I AM a lousy housekeeper. By choice, I have an old a house and too many pets. I have too many hobbies. I do not like cleaning. It takes too much time. It is boring. It does not last. Sometimes (not always) my house keeping or lack thereof does bother me. Then I say to myself, “If I had a smaller house, it would not take so long to clean and then it would be cleaner.” (Forget the fact that if you do not clean a small house one, everyone can see everything you have not done)
I realize as I think back over time, roommates, lovers or a husband have cleaned up the house on a regular basis. I did not even notice that they might have done it because of my failure to do it. Did they do so in desperation? They did not complain. Does it say something about my character? Is it a character flaw I did not even know I had? Shucks #!@&^ , I thought I had perfect character. Alright, as I see it, then there are two things I can do about it. Those two things are (1) fix it, or (2) live with it.
Thoughts: Fix it; I could hire a housekeeper. That solution I quickly dismiss as a no; I do not want to spend money on something I can do myself. Or, I could become better at it, spend more time doing it. Ugh! Maybe option number two is good. I just live with this flaw I have had for many years? It is mine, yes, it is. Yep, I think I will just live with it. I can live with the knowledge that some see this as a flaw in my character. I of course, do not.

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6 Responses to The Lousy Housekeeper

  1. diannegray says:

    I absolutely hate housekeeping, Karen. As long as your home is comfortable it’s the only thing that matters. I think the comment about your housekeeping from that person tells more about them than it does about you 😀

    • karenblopez says:

      Thanks, Dianne. I actually wrote the piece to be a funny one! She actually said it about my house and the house of a friend at the same time. We have shared many a joke about it at her expense!!

  2. Cindy Walsh says:

    Hi Cuz,
    I love you just the way you are!

  3. Bethany says:

    OMG…I’ve been to ur house! It’s beautiful. To take in information about your house and transfer that information as a judgement on you is cruel. Nobody is ever complimented by being called a “lousy housekeeper”. I’m glad you shared. I’m sorry this person was mean. I love you.

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