Carol was only 9 years old but she knew the way to her Grandmother’s house and knew she was allowed to go there all by herself. Once there, she also knew there were store bought cookies in the bottom drawer of the Hoosier Cabinet in the kitchen. She also knew that she was allowed to go get a cookie from that drawer anytime she wanted. Giving a brisk hello hug to Grandmother, Carol ran to the kitchen and opened the drawer of the cabinet. For the first time ever, there were no cookies to be found. Disappointed, Carol slowly closed the drawer and walked back into to the large living room area of the house where Grandmother was sitting. Carol did not want to mention her disappointment at there being no cookies but it must have shown on her face because Grandmother said, “Daddy, just left, walking up to the store. I bet he will bring back some surprises for you and your brothers and sisters.” (She always called him Daddy, presumably because of talking to the children about him)

Carol envisioned her grandfather, walking barefoot as he often did. Shoes were only for work and church as far as he was concerned. He would walk through the field to the store even though they lived in town where there were sidewalks. The store was only about a fourth of mile away going that way.

In what seemed like hours but was probably only minutes, Carol saw Grandaddy (that is what Carol called him) coming down the sidewalk barefoot as usual balancing a bag on his right side. He always balanced on his right because his left side was hiked up by a large abdominal lipoma. (a noncancerous fatty tumor) He had always had this strange lump on his side and Carol never asked him about it. In any event, he had a bag and in the bag not only was some store bought cookies, but also 3 orange Ne-hi drinks. What a treat! Grandfather knew just what to have on hand in case the grandkids came to visit.

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9 Responses to Grandfather

  1. Louise Weaver says:

    Great! I love that she expected something and it wasn’t there this time. And that Grandparents didn’t disappoint her even with the difficulty of getting to the store.

  2. Nice story. I can picture your granddad walking barefoot through the field

  3. I can picture Granddaddy walking barefoot. Nice story, Karen

  4. Cindy Walsh says:

    Love this story. I know the grandparents in this story!

  5. Sheila McNaughton says:

    Great story. I love to read about grandmas and grandpas.

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