This a message I recieved from my cousin. So many word pictures here!

Carol Hollifield says:

Karen, I just read the article you wrote about our Grandmother. We really were blessed to have Grandparents like we had.I think both sets of mine were very special and have wonderful memories of them.I’m so thankful my children knew and remember Grandmother Walsh.They remember her sense of humor.They remember her saying “SEE YOU LATER ALLIGATOR!” And Paul remembers her going to visit him and Sandy when they were married.A lot of her sayings come to me on different occasions. Same with the Leach Grandparents.We are also lucky that we had the kind of caring parents we had with good strong morals that they taught us through actions and love.They set good examples before us.As for our family,we didn’t have much ,but we always knew mother and Daddy loved us and I’m sure you and Robin felt that too. When My children, say “Mom I think you did a good job raising us,” I give Mother and Daddy the credit because that was the only way I knew, as I was still a child raising a family of my own.I remember one time Mother and I were in the drug store and we met a friend of Mother’s who she hadn’t seen in a while and Mother was telling her about Margaret being in Nursing School and how wonderful she was doing.I felt like such a failure,doing nothing with my life but getting married and having babies.Can’t remember just what I said,but Mother knew how I was feeling and she told me raising a family was the hardest job a women could ever do and if I did it well ,that would be a great accomplishment.I’ll never forget her telling me that.My parents and grandparents and Don made me the person I am today and I thank them for that. I also remember Granddaddy Walsh going to the store Barefoot.He would go through the woods to Butler’s Grocery Store.I always thought that was funny.Grandmother would say “Daddy why don’t you put on some shoe’s”and he would just go on.

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