Respect and acceptance

As you may recall, I teach in a community college. One day, my students were presenting a regularly assigned group project which consists of several questions they must answer about a topic they choose. How it is presented is at their discretion. One group chose for each member to read a particular answer. As I watched them, it occurred to me that the group was made up of students from several nationalities. One student, whose English is difficult to understand, read his part. Although the section was read in a monotone and most words could not be understood, my entire class sat in silence with complete respect for this student. I wanted to comment but knew I could not do so without spoiling the moment as my students accepted his participation without conscious regard to his difficulty with the language. This, I thought to myself, is what higher education is all about. I was so proud of the entire class, as acceptance and respect is what I wanted them to take away from our class.

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One Response to Respect and acceptance

  1. Sheila McNaughton says:

    We hear so much about the bad behavior of people, regardless of age, it is heartwarming to read this. Thanks for sharing.

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