Frog, really toad

I plan to read this next group. let me know what you think?

It was one of those mornings in Florida after it rained all day the day before. Trees and grass just seemed brighter and cleaner. There were more flowers. The birds were out after hiding all day the day before. There were even more reptiles moving than usual. A large toad perched on the pile of cuttings left in the garden, his fat body poised to catch the next insect that took his fancy. Funny, those toads seemed more prevalent years ago. Now, it is a treat to see one. Some would say it was ugly. (Certainly not to another toad.) Nor to her as she inspected its brown and black body.

She watched as the toad sat very still. Waiting. For what? For the next meal to pop into its easy reach probably. Was that what we all do in some way?  Well, anyway, it was a good morning for it. The day after an all day rain. Opportunity, the toad knew. Is it the same for all of us?  Just waiting for the perfect opportunity to come along after adversity strikes.

These were her thoughts as she observed the toad. Not that she was able to be that single minded. What to do next was of big import to her at the time. There was a son to raise, a house to take care of and always the issue of making enough money to get by. Did the toad worry about that? Maybe it just takes things as they come. Maybe, just maybe,  there is a lesson in that.

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4 Responses to Frog, really toad

  1. diannegray says:

    This is lovely. It brings everything back to earth 🙂

  2. karenblopez says:

    You are right, of course. Out of adversity often comes hope! Change! It is painful but often just what we need to get us motivated! I think I have needed it more than most, adversity as a motivator that is!!

  3. Louise says:

    I like the analogy after rain, adversity, comes opportunity. This easy thought is compromised by the daily grind, the stuff that gets to all. This offers hope!

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