writers’ group

So, I stuck my neck out and read in my group.  What a negative experience that was! I will not be doing that again too soon. At least you all, my dear followers, have been kind so far. I really do not know what good a writers’ group is if one feels bad after going. Perhaps, writing is just not my thing.  As a famous song says, “everybody must get stoned.”

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2 Responses to writers’ group

  1. Sheila McNaughton says:

    Don’t take the comments of one person to heart and say you are not a writer. You write as if you were sitting and talking to a friend, telling a story. I like your style. Remember some of the comments on Elmore Leonard. He was appreciated by several. I personally don’t like to read him. Great writer according to many but not to my taste. Same is true with you. Not everyone is going to like everything. You keep writing. You have a voice and style all your own and I believe a great story idea. Like John said, just write every day. We all get better at writing the more we write.

  2. Louise says:

    Yes, we have to toughened up to face the grueling work before us.

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