As I have indicated, I teach at a local college. It is a community college and the variety of students is, umm, exciting, is that the word? To put it mildly, they are varied! Add to that the requirement that  class I teach is required a required entry-level course and …..well, you can then understand that I have a wonderful and challenging job.

The A plus students are always easy  to teach and I have to admit, I learn more from them than I they do from me. However, the real challenge and the true fulfillment comes from teaching the struggling student. The reasons for struggling are many. Some students work too much or have other responsibilities outside of school. Some suffer poor preparation for college or even a lack of motivation. There are a few with a more serious problems, like learning disabilities.

That said, my expertise is in critical thinking. It is not in the subject of teaching itself. I work very hard to educate myself in the area of teaching One thing I have learned that time and attention is beneficial to these students. Certainly, time and attention is in short supply in most educational institutions. My latest goal is to give the “struggling” student more time and attention than the A plus students naturally get.

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