Yesterday in class, we discussed gentleness as a virtue.  (As usual, I think I learned more from the students than they did from me.)  Gentleness……..perhaps this virtue is an unsung hero of virtues. What a treasure to discover that someone possesses “gentleness” as one of their virtues. Think of a time when you really messed up in life, whether it be at work, school or where ever. (after all, we are all human, right?) Imagine for a moment that the person whose job it is to address your mistake treated you with gentleness! Wow! What a concept. The person who has the calmness of spirit and ability to treat us with gentleness in those times is a person to be kept close in our life and serve as a inspiration to us!

Instead of being put on the defensive, a feeling that usually blocks productivity, we are transformed into a new mode of thinking. The “how can I do this better next time” mode of thinking. The guilt may be lessened.  Perhaps, in these circumstances, our outlook can improve and we leave the encounter with more courage and hope.

I think next time it is my turn to address a mistake someone has made, I will try to be more gentle! It seems like a virtue worth trying to develop.



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